Meghan Burnside and the Art of Dryad

dryad-cover-art-meghan-burnsideToday’s post features a bio of Meghan Burnside, the talented artist who depicted the dryad and her world of time travel on the novel’s cover. Meghan came up with a unique and meaningful design: the dryad in the middle, and her two love interests on opposite corners of the page, representing the human world and the dryad world. As the wheels of time are turning, the dryad is faced with choosing her destiny and the man she loves.  

Bio: Meghan Burnside

My name is Meghan Burnside, I was born with Autism. Art, I found, was a way to communicate my feelings and ideas to others. It has been my way of touching the world outside of Autism.

The challenge of discovering new techniques that will further my abilities as an artist is what I enjoy most along my creative path. I particularly enjoy painting images that have a quality of light and colour, the kind you would see in a stain glass window. The depth, luminosity, and richness that can be created with acrylic paint triggers my creativity unlike any other medium. It truly speaks to my soul.

 I started painting in 2003. My work has been exhibited in a variety of different venues in Edmonton, Alberta including the Jubilee Auditorium, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton City Hall, Snap Gallery, the APEGA Art Show at their annual summit, and various churches throughout the city. My first solo exhibition was held at The Flat Gallery in Stony Plain, Alberta in support of the Society of Autism. I won first place in the Freezing Point 2012 Art Competition. My artwork has been discussed in Profile Magazine, the Western Catholic Reporter, and various news publications online. I have sold several of my pieces privately, completed illustrations for the covers of two novels, and am currently working on illustrating a children’s book named The Adventures of Sarah The Mouse. Most recently a Giclee of my painting The Sacred Heart (winner of the Freezing Point 2012 Art Competition) has been seen in person by Pope Francis, in Rome and I have received his personal correspondence in response to the image.

 To contact me for further information: MegBurnsideArt@outlook.com