Fun and Games in the UK

I’ve begun to post about the UK, and we shall begin with fun and games. Not that it’s all fun and games, mind you. It’s quite serious!
There are lots of free exhibits around Oxford so anyone can just wander in, including a wandering writer like myself. Seeing these games made me think about how politically correct our society has become, and I think it’s mostly a good thing. First, there are the war games:


I’m not sure what this game is all about…



And my personal favorite: Suffragetto! The fight for women’s right to vote just got real.

I also spotted some medieval and historical games at a country fair. I don’t know what these are but they look fun:


Then there was this:


… Don’t ask!


And last but not least, the Majestic Game of the Asiatic Ostrich.

If political movements such as the suffragettes, world wars, and even racial divides can be made into games, what does this tell us about earlier generations? They were certainly less politically correct, and they probably had some “good guys” and “bad guys” in mind such as in the war games, though when it comes to the ostrich game, I’m just really confused.

Nowadays, our games are more abstract, and usually take place in mythical realms. This is probably a good thing… Would you agree? Or do you wish more of your board games could be about Majestic Ostriches?


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