It’s Really Happening!

That’s right, it’s official. I am moving to the UK for three years.


Now, I have never been to the UK, but have read lots about it, so I usually think it looks kind of like this:


Or this:


Maybe even this:


But maybe the reality of it will be much more frightening, such as this:


Or this:


Anyways, I am really excited, and I’m getting my British fashion accessories together:

British Style

But I really don’t know what to expect from the UK. I will keep you updated!


Find a New Favorite Novel: Multi-Author Promotion

I’m running a special promotion on Dryad, and I’ve joined with several wonderful authors from around the world to bring our books to a wider audience.


Dryad is now only $0.99 until November 22, so if you haven’t got a kindle copy, please click over to Amazon here to see what all the fuss is about!

Our whole crew of authors will all have their own special promos starting today and ending on November 22. Enjoy all the discounted books!

Barbara Monier — https://barbaramonier.wordpress.com/ — contemporary literary fiction

John Howell — http://johnwhowell.com/ — fiction thriller

Michael Fedison –https://eyedancers.wordpress.com/ — YA Sci-fi/Fantasy

Shehanne Moore — https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/ — romance

Janice Spina — https://jemsbooks.wordpress.com/ — middle-grade junior detectives series

Luciana Cavallaro — http://luccav.com/ — historical fiction–mythology retold

Evelyne Holingue — http://evelyneholingue.com/ — middle-grade fiction

Jo Robinson — https://africolonialstories.wordpress.com/ — nonfiction publishing guide for newbies, two short stories, and mainstream fiction

Sonya Solomonovich — https://sonyasolo.wordpress.com/ — time-travel fantasy

Jennifer Chow — http://jenniferjchow.com/ — adult cozy mystery (the beginning of a new series)

Nicki Chen — http://nickichenwrites.com/ — historical fiction–WWII China

Katie Cross — http://kcrosswriting.com/ — YA fantasy

I hope you check out some of these books and let me know in the comments which genres speak to you!