Count Morelli and the 777 Challenge

I have been challenged! A huge thank you to Michael Fedison, author of The Eye Dancers, for nominating me for the 777 Challenge.

Check out Michael’s Eye Dancers blog here.

Palashov alighted from his carriage, followed by Lorenzo. The officer knocked decisively on the front door.

After several minutes, an impassive butler with heavy-lidded dark eyes set in a bald head appeared in the doorway and made it clear that Count Morelli was not home. His tone was so forbidding that Palashov understood him without Lorenzo having to translate.

What the Russian officer and his translator did not understand was how the maestro could be absent from his home and yet screaming out an exasperated tirade — throughout which they could distinguish quite a few obscenities — from somewhere on the top floor of the left wing.

The ferocious staccato of his high-pitched voice was blasting from all the windows, which were opened to admit a nonexistent breeze.

“Truly, only a genius, a virtuoso of the violin can get away with throwing such tantrums,” Palashov remarked.

Weirdly enough, this is almost exactly where I began writing my very first draft of the novel, but later it was overrun with other scenes that preceded it. I am still revising this novel, so you never know, this may turn out to be the first page rather than the seventh if one day it’s finally sent out into the world.

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