Book Review: Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion


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Shotgun-toting hero Ranger Martin returns for more zombie-killing mayhem in this second installment in the Ranger Martin series by Jack Flacco. This novel begins with even more suspense as we find Ranger Martin far outnumbered, his trusty truck destroyed, and his former sidekick and quasi-adopted daughter Mattie, cutting off all ties with him. Oh, and did I mention Ranger is on the run from the army since Randy, the other teen he’s taken under his wing is wanted by the government.

Warning: this review contains some spoilers!

It’s a good thing Ranger does not give up easily. Fortunately, his teenage sidekick Randy is destined to save the human race from the zombies. And of course, we know Matty can’t stay mad at Ranger for long.

There are many perks to living in the Apocalypse. Since the world is mostly taken over by zombies and all businesses have been abandoned, Ranger Martin and friends can waltz into any store and pick out any food they want. Of course, most of the perishable food has rotted away, so they’re down to canned meat and candy bars… Okay, maybe the food is not such a good perk, but they can also drive away in any vehicle they choose, free of charge, and they often do as their last vehicle is usually splattered with zombie brains.

And of course, when the world is invaded by aliens and zombies, you can always count on the government to cut off all lines of communication and round up the citizens like cattle to be zombified by creepy flying saucers.

The second book in Jack Flacco’s action-packed series provides more answers regarding this dubious alliance between the army and the strange alien race that sucks humans’ minerals right out of their bodies, turning them into zombies in the process. We also discover why Randy is so special – and why he is wanted by the government. Some sort of chemical in his blood makes him immune to zombification. However, his pre-apocalypse life still remains a mystery, hopefully to be resolved in future installments.

I liked the way Jack Flacco left the readers guessing as to the characters’ past, and I enjoyed meeting some more characters outside of Ranger’s usual group. There are other people fighting the invasion, a Resistance group hidden away behind a mine field, and a small but determined trio within the prison itself. But these resistance groups are cagey and secretive. Can Ranger Martin get them on his side? If they work together, they may have a small chance to defeat the corrupt US army general and his forces.

This second installment in the Ranger Martin series was even more suspenseful than the first (check out my review of the first book in the series), with many close calls, chases, and battles. My favorite thing about this series is that even in their most dangerous moments Ranger and his team still crack jokes and have fun. These are characters you can really root for!

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