The “Manly” Voices of Dryad

When the time travel novel Dryad came out, my friend Professor VJ Duke made a fabulous audio recording of an action scene using characters from his blog, The Punchy Lands.

So, what happens when the weirdness of my writing combines with the weirdness of The Punchy Lands? Punchy characters play characters from Dryad and let’s just say things get weirder at an exponential rate!

In this Punchy Aurtoon, the role of time travelling billionaire Rodney Love is played by Manly Man, and the evil pirate St Amour is played by the equally evil Daddy Salami. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “The “Manly” Voices of Dryad

  1. Yep, definitely weird, for sure. When reading your book, somehow the voices in my head were a bit tamer than these characters. Now I want to read it again with this new perspective! I wonder if the voices of Ernie and Bert will show up the next go around? Hmm, only wishing… 😉

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