Dove Days of Summer

As you can see here, the thermometer indicated over 100 F, or about 40 C… a pretty typical temperature for Phoenix, Arizona in March.


Just before this heat wave began, a dove chose our patio for its nesting site. You can also see a tiny dove in the nest if you look closely.



The mother dove managed to produce two baby doves during her stay. Then, in about a week or two the young doves grew to a reasonable size and were able to fly. They practiced by flying from that shelfy thing that you see to the other side of the patio, which also had a similar ledge.

Though very young and inexperienced, they didn’t seem bothered by the heat at all, which is more than I can say for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such hotness before. But despite the heat, I would occasionally go for bike rides in the desert.

And it was there that I encountered some wild horses!


You have to look closely to spot the wild horses in this pic…

They’re very shy creatures who are not afraid of passing cars but are afraid of bicycles. Maybe it’s because the passing cars show no interest in them whereas people on bicycles are discernibly more human and therefore dangerous. They ran off shortly after this photo was taken, back to their mysterious desert lives.


9 thoughts on “Dove Days of Summer

  1. One of my bucket list items is visiting Phoenix, Arizona, and you’ve accomplished just that, Sonya! The only exploration I’d done through the state is via Google Maps, but boy, I would love to visit there myself. That’s pretty cool about the doves. They’re such trusting creatures. They’re in our neighborhood as well. They coo so gently. Love them a lot.

    Wow, I would’ve loved seeing a pic of the horses, but the pic of you made up for it! 🙂

    • Arizona is definitely a fascinating state to visit! By the way, I should have pointed out that the horses are in that pic, they’re just far in the distance on the other side of the road from me.

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