American Antelope: What is this creature?

I’ve recently traveled to Arizona by car, and it was a fantastic road trip. Along the way, passing through Nevada, I discovered this animal:


American Antelope

Now, you might think antelopes are only found in Africa, but then you might remember the old song that goes:

Home, home on the range

Where the deer and the antelope play!

Why would they sing that if there weren’t any antelopes? I did a bit of research and found that in fact there is a creature that lives  in the interior of North America called a pronghorn. Sometimes it is simply called an antelope, but here is where it gets weird, it is officially NOT an antelope. It’s only called so because it looks much like an antelope. So, what it is, I’m not really sure.

But they are very interesting creatures and I admire them for being able to survive in places like Nevada where there’s nothing to eat but very dry bits of grass and iHop pancakes. (Just kidding, I love iHop pancakes!)


9 thoughts on “American Antelope: What is this creature?

  1. I didn’t know this either for the longest time. We grew up calling them antelopes. They are really called “pronghorn”, Antilocapra americana, with four subspecies: A. a. sonoriensis, A.a. mexicana, A.a. peninsularis and A.a. oregona. Good photo capture! That’s not easy to do with wild pronghorn…

  2. You’re right, it is interesting! I think antelopes are awesome. They look majestic and they have such a wonderful prance to them. At least that’s what I remember seeing on PBS! 😉

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