Dryad Novel is Completed…

I’ve finally finished writing Dryad. And as everyone knows, when an author completes a novel, a great void forms in their soul. A void that can only be filled with comedy sketches. So without further ado, here is Steve Martin with Evangelist Dry Cleaner:



12 thoughts on “Dryad Novel is Completed…

  1. Good for you Sonya. Congratulations on getting it done. While there may be a void, now you can open yourself to a multitude of ideas just waiting to be released in that fertile mind of yours. I know that I am now enjoying the process of fiction which I’ve never really committed to and its exciting. The story details keep popping into my head. 🙂

    Is that a first draft or the finished piece?

    • Thanks Nancy! It is not the final final draft, but I think it just needs a few minor edits and it’ll be ready to go.
      I’m sure you’re right — I’ll come up with a new novel to occupy my mind soon enough.

      And I look forward to your book of fiction!

  2. Congrats, Sonya! And thanks for the bit of Steve Martin. I’d never seen that one. The dude’s classic.

    I’ve never completed a novel, but after writing a blog post, I too feel a void. But it’s usually easily filled with a peanut-butter-and-jelly tortilla and chocolate milk.

    – Eli

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