Dryad Characters: Captain Roger de St Amour

roger de st amour pirateCaptain Roger de St Amour is a gentleman pirate and the scourge of the Spanish colonies. He is very ruthless and devious but also highly educated, which makes him even more ruthless and devious.

He may look something like the fellow pictured to the right, but in fact, he looks exactly like Rodney Love, except he has black hair while Rodney Love is blonde. How can this be?


What is your occupation?

I am Captain of the Belle Catherine, a two-masted brig. As a flibustier, a privateer of the French navy, I pillage and sink any Spanish ships I come across.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Pillaging, mostly. I also like to read ancient philosophers. I was educated at the Sorbonne, you know. Though right now I have read all the books in my collection and since I have been sailing the waters of the Atlantic round about the coast of South America for the last three years, there has not been a chance to find new books as of late.

Who is your best friend?

Hahaha! Wait, ‘ere you ask another question, I must finish laughing. Hahaha! What say you? “Friend?” I am the Captain! It would not do for me to go around having friends. But I have some loyal crewmen, never fear.

Do you see yourself as the villain of this story?

Nay! Who calls me a villain? Point out the scoundrel that I may dispatch him. I rather see myself as the knights of old. I go on quests and journeys, and sometimes I do some pillaging. How else can one make a name for himself?

What is your opinion of Rodney Love?

That colonial interloper? I think he’s hardly a worthy adversary for me. He claims to be my descendant, but I am ashamed to have such dull offspring. He’s all too easily fooled. In fact, I don’t think he is my descendant at all.

You’ve got to admit he got the best of you once or twice?

I haven’t the time to talk anymore, and I don’t wish to continue this interview! Time for me to go off and do some pillaging.

4 thoughts on “Dryad Characters: Captain Roger de St Amour

  1. I’ve always loved the word “dispatch”. Captain Roger de St Amour rocks. He knows where it’s at. I find him a bit full of himself, but he’s a captain, so that’s cool with me! Other than the pillaging, he’s an all-right guy! I wouldn’t mind having him over to supper…I’d bet he’d have stories to tell! 🙂

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