Dryad Characters: Anastacio

As for me, I don’t feel at home in the human world, but I am here since I must fulfil my duty.

– Anastacio

Somewhat like this but more green and leafy!

Somewhat like this but more green and leafy!

Picture a Tarzan-like creature or perhaps Conan the Barbarian, but slightly greenish of skin and very green and round of eye. Proud and sometimes arrogant, but very wise and protective of those he loves, Anastacio is skilled in dryad skills such as magic, climbing, dancing, and vine-throwing.


Why are you so proud?

Because I’m Anastacio!

Who is your best friend?

Venicio, the priest of the Great Tree. He’s very interesting to talk to.

You have much knowledge and wisdom. Have you ever been interested in the priesthood yourself?

Not really. For it would require arbitrating many quarrels and settling disputes among all these obnoxious dryads. I don’t have the patience for that.

You are very protective of outcast dryads such as Solena. Why is that?

Obviously, because they need my help. And if I don’t help them, who will?

But isn’t there just a small chance that you’re drawn to Solena because she is attractive?

What kind of a question is that?! I would help any dryad who needs my help, no matter their level of attractiveness.

Okay, let’s say we believe you… Why would you help any dryad — you just said they are quarrelsome and obnoxious?

I suppose I have a certain disdain for them as a group — they’re just so annoying when they get together — but I feel sympathy and understanding for each individual.

What makes you happy?

Roaming through the trees, watching the animals and birds going about their ways; talking with Solena about her human magazines and books.





4 thoughts on “Dryad Characters: Anastacio

  1. Man, I remember Conan. Arnie never liked playing him. I’ve always wondered why. It was one of those parts that made his muscles shine!

    BTW, loved the sarcastic humor in the interview. Brilliant! 🙂

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