Dryad Characters: Tyler

crocodile-cartoon-012What? So I’m a minority! Big deal! The assistant vice president is a dark elf, and nobody says nothing.

– Tyler

Tyler is a talking alligator from the swamps of Louisiana. He’s recently got a position on the executive team of the Timber Corporation. But is he an undercover operative for the Alligator Alliance?..

Do you get along with your co-workers?

Yes, I do. And if they start not getting along with me, I could always bite their heads off.

What made you leave the swamps of Louisiana and live among humans?

I was very bored with my swamp life. I wanted to do something more exciting, see the world. I taught myself to speak human, by the way.

Cool. And why did you choose the name Tyler?

My alligator name is unpronounceable to people, whereas Tyler sounds like a youthful and hip sort of name.

What do you think about the environmental practices of the Timber Corporation?

They ain’t got much in the way of environmental practices. And from what I hear, the vice president, who I strongly believe is a dark elf, is cooking up some scheme to travel back in time and cut down trees so as to avoid having to follow modern environmental laws. You didn’t hear it from me, though.

Why do you suspect the VP of being a dark elf?

My instincts usually alert me of a supernatural creature. If there’s one thing I learned from reality TV, it’s that it helps to know your enemies’ dark secrets.


I mean co-workers. Hee-hee.

6 thoughts on “Dryad Characters: Tyler

  1. Living in a swamp seems like it’d be preferable to dealing with a VP who’s a dark elf…I’m sure I’ve worked with some of them myself! πŸ˜‰

  2. Tomorrow will pale in comparison to today if I don’t kick it off by reading an interview with a socially-aware reptile. (My luck, I’ll happen upon an apathetic invertebrate instead). Love this interview!

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