Dryad Characters: Solena

dryad character Solena

I’m a DRYAD!

– Solena

At the beginning of our tale, Solena is obsessed with the human world, enchanted with its superficial trappings and tinsel dreams.

Is she a foolish and superficial dryad? Not at all. She is simply attracted to the superficial side of our culture, having not been exposed to anything else.

However, as she journeys into the human world, Solena finds out that it’s not at all as glamorous as she thought…


What is it that makes you so fascinated with humans?

I think it’s the drama. Humans have such short lives, yet they go through them with much passion and they have so many adventures!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Definitely! I’m quite the romantic.

You’ve always had a passion for reading, but now you’ve switched from gossip magazines to self help books, primarily by Teddy Goldman. Why is that?

Well, a fortune teller advised me to read Positive Attitude by Teddy Goldman, and I’ve never looked back. Teddy has had remarkable success as a martial artist and as an author, but he still comes across as a humble and down-to-earth person. I find his philosophy so amazingly spiritual and yet practical when applied in the real world.

What makes you happy?

Reading, masquerading as a human, having adventures.

How do you feel about other dryads?

I feel slightly bitter because they have ostracized me, and they constantly mock me. But I would really like to be their friend one day.

You are now on a mission to prevent the humans from destroying your forest. How do you feel?

I have lots of contradictory feelings. I could never pass up the opportunity to live as a human, so I gladly accepted the mission. But it’s very confusing. The prophecy says I will save the forest, but I’m not sure how or when.

Do you think your attraction to Rodney Love, heir to the Timber Corporation, could jeopardize the mission?

Um… I hope not.


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