Jack the Giant Killer: the Classic Film

jack-the-giant-slayerWith Jack the Giant Slayer opening in theaters, I was reminded of this 60s film I used to be completely obsessed with as a youngster.

No, I wasn’t born in the 1950s, but I’ve always enjoyed classic films, and there was something about this movie… I’ve been trying to figure out what it was, aside from the obvious swashbuckling factor. Even at my young age, I could tell the special effects were primitive compared to today’s, but there was something that made me re-watch that movie time and time again as a special treat.

It had a very rousing musical score and gorgeous costumes. But it was more than that. It was also the personalities that the actors did such an excellent job portraying. Even the fake-looking giants, monsters, and dragons had personality!

It’s one of the things that separates classic movies from much of today’s bland stuff.

I haven’t seen the Jack and the Giant Slayer remake, but I hope they balance out the special effects with solid characters.

Here is the trailer to the 1962 version… “Such indeed is the glamorous legend of the ancient kingdom of Cornwall…”


4 thoughts on “Jack the Giant Killer: the Classic Film

  1. I have long been a fan of the Arthurian legend. I also loved the 1001 Arabian Nights as well. They were far off places that were exotic and mysterious. I used to love watching the Late, Late Show. Those were the old time movies that they would play after midnight.

    Thanks for the flashback, Sonya.

  2. I’ve never seen this film, and the quality looks pretty ropey, but the effects look like the Ray Harryhausen stuff of Clash of the Titans and the like. I much prefer those to the over-use of cgi these days which just ruin films.

    I was shocked a few years ago when I got to see the original King Kong as it’s SO much better than any modern remake. That’s what killed off Star Wars in my opinion as the creatures were just so unbelievable compared to those of old. Also I saw a clip of Terminator 4 (?) the other day for the first time and computer generated giant robots ejecting motorbikes was just another film that has no soul.

  3. “the actors did such an excellent job portraying. Even the fake-looking giants, monsters, and dragons had personality!”— I Agree completely. Thanks.

  4. I just saw the trailer for this movie yesterday. It looks incredible. I’m hoping to see it soon, if nothing else gets in the way. A movie about a giant should rock the theater’s sound system. Can’t wait!

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