I am a Pirate King!

1950sI saw another article (Yahoo, you disappoint me again) about women dressing age appropriately. It seems one of these comes out every other week. It made me think about how in many ways our society is still stuck in the 1950’s, a time when everything was supposed to be, or at least look, appropriate. But appearances aren’t everything, and there are still so many inequalities despite the fact that we speak with political correctness.

In fact, political correctness works to mask a lot of problems by creating the illusion that everyone is equal. Just because we speak “appropriately” doesn’t mean everything is fine and dandy.

Removing gendered language from professional titles, for instance, doesn’t seem to do any good and just sounds plain weird. Instead of a chairman or a chairwoman you are now simply a chair. Why would you call a person a chair? Seems kind of rude. And what are female actresses supposed to call themselves? Actors.

On the other hand, this is good news for me. If a woman can be an actor, then a woman can also be a king… and I’ve always wanted to be a Pirate King. Or at least ever since I saw this!


2 thoughts on “I am a Pirate King!

  1. Love it! And yes, Sonya, you can be the Pirate King. The whole political correct thing is crap really when you think about it. It’s this idea that we are all afraid to say something as to not offend the other. Why not approach the reason it is offensive in the first place and not just mask it over?

  2. The validity of your argument would allow you chair (verb) a pirate parlay even! I saw this best of Gilbert & Sullivan’s works on stage when I was 5 and was delighted to discover the Kline/Ronstadt/Lansbury videotape (!) in the 90s because I was able to recreate my youthful experience with my own sons. I am happy to declare it the best performance ever. – bar none. Thank you for giving it the nod again after all these years.

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