Swashbuckler Defends Scantily Clad Women

Hello, she’s Pam Anderson. It’s her job to be inappropriate.

We don’t usually do rants on Swashbuckler’s tales, but there is an ongoing anomaly in our society that I have to address here. I just viewed a video about celebrities over the age of 40 dressing “inappropriately” and I have to say: is this Victorian England? Should older women cover up their entire bodies in unattractive dresses, preferably of a somber color?

This video must be seen to be believed. A couple of what I suppose are C-list talk show hosts sit in bed in their pajamas discussing fascinating current topics such as holiday shopping on e-bay, then they start talking about celebrities dressing “inappropriately.” The word “inappropriate” was said at least five times. “Isn’t this inappropriate?” “Yes, it’s so inappropriate!” and so forth. They sounded like some sort of pompous dickensian villains. Personally, I think they’re just jealous that at forty-something Pam Anderson has a very nice physique. She certainly has nothing to be ashamed of, whereas these two… who knows what they’re hiding under their pajamas?

I suppose having grown up with Baywatch I have a certain affinity for Pamela Anderson. I like that she has a sense of humour about herself. She is one to be mocked, not chided.

Anyways, then they bring kids into it. “What do her children think?” Who cares what her children think! It’s none of our business. Also I’m sure the children are aware of what the human body looks like. I always find it strange when people feel the need to shield kids from seeing the human form. If anything, it’s going to make them suspect there is something wrong or shameful about their bodies and could create issues for them in the future. Do these pajama-wearing bowdlerians ever take their kids to the beach? And if so, do they make them avert their eyes? “Close your eyes, kids, everyone is dressed inappropriately here!”

No mention of men dressing inappropriately was ever made. Not that it should be. I think everyone should have the right to dress however they want without being judged. It’s a free country!

And how interesting is it to listen to a couple of catty people agreeing with each other? They could have at least introduced a third character, maybe someone wearing a bathrobe and arguing in favor of the scantily clad celebrities in the manner of a socratic debate.

With so many other worthy causes to write about, I’m not sure why this seemingly minor one should make me angry enough to write a whole blog post, but I guess it’s because there’s a creepy underlying injustice to this attitude towards women. And it often comes from other women!

Seriously women, we’re all on the same side here.

I hardly ever watch TV so I sometimes get these glimpses of pop culture through the internet. I guess this is what entertainment is like nowadays… It makes me glad I live under a rock!


4 thoughts on “Swashbuckler Defends Scantily Clad Women

  1. Right on Sonya! It is this ongoing issue with our sexualized society. A woman who wears what is deemed inappropriate falls into the category of being somewhat of an unsavory being with loose morals, etc, (aka: slut) simply because she chooses to dress in a way that is comfortable for her. Yes, Pamela is a very beautiful woman. It should be acceptable across the board regardless of how you appear. If it’s comfortable for you to wear plunging necklines and elevated hemlines, go for it girl!

  2. It is certain that Pamela Anderson is having a lot more fun in life, than these two pajama-clad judgmental women. What would the world be like, if we could not enjoy the curves of a 40-plus sex-bomb? I remember being at a Persian nightclub, witnessing a vivacious woman in her seventies who had a line-up of 21 year old boys waiting to dance with her. She wasn’t hiding the cleavage, and she had a big smile on her face. This is the way life should be!

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