A Swashbuckling Detox

 Let’s face it, Swashbuckling is an activity that requires a lot of energy. All that running around, fencing, and romancing… your body has to be like a finely-tuned machine. And while I have always pursued swashbuckling activities like fencing and other martial arts, there were times in my life when I lacked the energy required for the role and was often too fatigued.

About three years ago I found out I had a gluten intolerance which was causing the fatigue. So with the help of a holistic therapist, I started on a gluten-free and sugar-free diet. Three years later, I still tend to stay away from the gluten, and I replace sugar with stevia or agave syrup. And my energy level is now more than appropriate for swashbuckling activities.

The reason I’m telling this tale now is that I’ve recently started on an internship for The Master Cleanse website. (You can check out my contributions to the Master Cleanse Website here.) I write and syndicate articles for their website, and these articles are not just about the Master Cleanse lemonade diet but are also related to cleansing, detoxing, and other health matters. It’s been a great experience so far, especially since I get to write about alternative and holistic medicine, which is something that people often look at with a huge amount of skepticism.

However, as we can see from the quote below, taken from The Three Musketeers, there is a long history of swashbucklers resorting to alternative medicine, with great results…

On the following morning at five o’clock d’Artagnan arose, and descending to the kitchen without help, asked, among other ingredients the list of which has not come down to us, for some oil, some wine, and some rosemary, and with his mother’s recipe in his hand composed a balsam, with which he anointed his numerous wounds, replacing his bandages himself, and positively refusing the assistance of any doctor, d’Artagnan walked about that same evening, and was almost cured by the morrow.

The Musketeers, enjoying good health thanks to alternative medicine.

Obviously, these natural remedies go back a long way. Even in the 17th century there was “mainstream” medicine involving doctors juxtaposed with folk  remedies such as D’Artagnan’s mother’s balsam. Nowadays, the distinction is even more pronounced, and unfortunately much of our mainstream medicine involves chemicals that are often more dangerous than the diseases they treat. With pharmaceutical companies bribing doctors to sell their wares and consumers only trusting in so-called scientific approaches, alternative and holistic methods are in danger of being edged off the market. Who will save them if not this daring swashbuckler?


One Lovely Blog Award

I’m very honoured to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! This nomination comes from Kip’s Thoughts by Kip Light. Thank you so much, Kip!

So, this is the part where I nominate other bloggers and list 7 random things about me.
And the nominees are (drumroll… opens envelope)

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Congratulations to all the awesome bloggers!

7 Random Thing about Me

1. Some of my nicknames over the years have been: “Solo”, “Ham”, “the Solomonator” and more recently “the Transporter.”
2. One of the best compliments I ever got was from one of my teachers at UCD: “Who knew that behind this northern Canadian charm lies the steely determination of Margaret Thatcher and Imelda Marcos combined?..”
3. Some jobs I’ve had in the past are: sales associate at Fairweather, freelance journalist, receptionist at the Bargain Finder, business writing and creative writing instructor.
4. My favorite city is Venice because it’s gorgeous and I had an interesting adventure there.
5. I’m completely obsessed with dolphins!
6. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is tea. (sorry, coffee)

7. I am also certified as an aquatic fitness instructor.


Swashbuckling Novel Cover Sketches

I’ve been hired for an internship in website development (more on that in a later post). It’s a very exciting project, though unfortunately this means less time spent writing my blog and novels. But it’s all for the greater good of humanity! Also I got a few sketches of the cover for my swashbuckling novel Count Morelli, and I’m really close to wrapping up the final final draft. I received these a few days ago. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go with the second one. I like how roguish it looks.


The Princess Bride Cast Reunited

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies, and of course a must-see for any self-respecting swashbuckler. It’s great to know it has not been forgotten, and in fact it’s coming out on Blu-Ray. The cast reunited for  the film’s 25th anniversary, and they’re all looking great. Sadly, Peter Falk and Andre the Giant have passed away, but the rest of the cast are looking very much alive (which by the way is the title of one of my books). Thanks, Yahoo news! Though I believe one “cast member” is missing from the group photo…

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist!