International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Here at Swashbuckler’s Tales, we take all things piratin’ very seriously, so our pleasure be great to be celebratin’ Talk like a Pirate Day!

This holiday was created by yon sea dogs John Baur and Mark Summers. Here is their tale of how it came about:

Once upon a time — on June 6, 1995, to be precise — we were playing racquetball, not well but gamely. It wasn’t our intention to become “the pirate guys.” Truth to tell, it wasn’t really our intention to become anything, except perhaps a tad thinner and healthier, and if you could see our photos, you’d know how THAT turned out. As we flailed away, we called out friendly encouragement to each other -“Damn, you bastard!” and “Oh, jeez, my hamstring!” for instance – as shots caromed away, unimpeded by our wildly swung rackets.

On this day, for reasons we still don’t quite understand, we started giving our encouragement in pirate slang. Mark suspects one of us might have been reaching for a low shot that, by pure chance, might have come off the wall at an unusually high rate of speed, and strained something best left unstrained. “Arrr!,” he might have said…

Anyway, whoever let out the first “Arrr!” started something. One thing led to another. “That be a fine cannonade,” one said, to be followed by “Now watch as I fire a broadside straight into your yardarm!” and other such helpful phrases.

They then came up with the idea of Talk like a pirate day, and assigned the date September 19th to it. Eventually, they contacted humour columnist Dave Barry, who encouraged the idea in his column, and the momentum just grew from there.

So if you’d like to join us in talking like a pirate but are not sure about the proper syntax and pronunciation, here is a helpful instructional video:

Smooth sailing to ye and please leave a message in a bottle to tell me how you celebrated talk like a pirate day!