Waiting for “Very Much Alive”

While I am still waiting on some feedback on Count Morelli, I’ve decided to publish “Very Much Alive,” a romance novella that I’ve recently finished.

I can describe the process of publishing my own ebook in not one but two F-words. These words are… Fun and Frustrating. It is fun choosing the font, writing the dedication and the acknowledgements, seeing what the book will eventually look like. It’s not so fun trying to fit your book to a template, deal with the technical issues, and find a good illustrator. The illustrator saga lasted several weeks, and I won’t even talk about it here lest I use another kind of F-word. Finally, I decided to use the CreateSpace self-serve illustration program, and miraculously they had a stock image that exactly fit my story. The only problem was, CreateSpace only publishes actual physical books (remember those?) whereas this story is fairly short and so I would rather publish it an ebook. Fortunately I can use CreateSpace’s conversion service and will finally end up with an ebook on Kindle. Ah, the arduous journey of a self-published writer! Okay, it’s really not as arduous as it sounds. It just seems very slow and tedious because I’m impatient to see my stories in print. If all goes well, here is what the cover will look like: