My Meetup Group

For the last few months I had been hopelessly seeking a good writers’ group that would take me into its fold. However, the groups I found were not really suitable for me. They focused too much on critiquing, which usually meant nitpicking. One group asked me to fill out a form that was three pages long. I dutifully filled out all three pages of questions, but after spending an hour in intense boredom doing this, I didn’t feel like going to the actual meeting anymore. On the whole, these groups didn’t seem to be big on carousing — isn’t that what writers’ groups should be about?

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and cast off the shackles of oppression (clearly I’ve been watching too much Spartacus)! I have started my own Meetup group, the Vancouver Independent Writer Group, which has been operating successfully since December 2011. We have some pub nights that are just for socializing and some reading nights where writers get feedback on their work in a supportive and helpful manner. All writers who like a less structured environment are welcome.

You can check it out on the Meetup website:

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