A Russian/Armenian Christmas

The festive cat

At the tail end of 2011 I took off to Alberta to spend the Christmas season with my parents and various partners in crime. The highlight of the holidays was a visit to an aristocratic/artistic family where we were plied with “Chicken with the Ribbon of St George”  i.e. with bacon strips wrapped around it. After dinner, the lady of the house sang a Russian love song while her mother, a notable pianist and music instructor, accompanied her on the piano. I felt I had been transported into the works of Leo Tolstoy or Jane Austen. Well, now that I have returned to Vancouver and work on Count Morelli is finished, I am getting back to my next novel (it is about dryads, and that’s all I’m willing to divulge so far) which had been begun last summer and is only at about 60 pages.It’s going much quicker now, since the holidays were definitely inspiring. I can still taste the chicken, hear the music…


The chicken


4 thoughts on “A Russian/Armenian Christmas

    • Lol indeed. They are fun to read but not so fun to be trapped inside of. I would have to wait ages for an eligible suitor, and then he would turn out to be a rake or perhaps a scoundrel! However, this being a brief Austen interlude, it was quite enjoyable.

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