First Blog Post!

When I asked my friends (both of them) what I should write about in my blog, the answers fell onto a broader spectrum than I had imagined. “Nifty teapots” and “the coming war” were the topics offered. I always knew my friends were weird —  I mean interesting, so it did not surprise me as much as it should have.

Raise the gangplank! This blog is ready to set sail.

Still, I think I will stick to blogging about my writing and swashbuckling adventures, with the occasional news report or opinion piece on the Teapot Wars (network executives are stealing the idea and scrabbling together a new reality show even as we speak). I will also keep everyone updated on my novel Count Morelli, which should be released next year… or as soon as I am able to find a graphic designer who can effectively portray a handsome Italian violinist/former pirate, a dangerous courtesan, a lateen-sail ship, lots of weaponry, and clashing Turkish and Russian armies all on one book cover.

Until next time, keep swashing those bucklers!